Purse and handbag cleaning

Purse and handbag cleaning

“Keep calm and carry a fabulous bag.” Anonymous

There’s something about a handbag. You just have to look at the massive industry devoted to this accessory in all its shapes, forms and sizes to know the truth in that. The handbag. The purse. The carry-all. The tote. The briefcase. Whichever your preferred form, the handbag has been known to inspire shopping lust of the best kind, pure wonder, intense liking or loathing. A beautiful bag can take an outfit from boring to fabulous, every-day to extraordinary. Plus, it’s just so incredibly useful. Not only does a handbag make a personal style statement about you every time you leave the house, but there can be no disputing its daily functionality and practicality: sometimes, it feels like you carry your entire life around in it!

With all this emotional (and at times financial) attachment, however strange it may seem to some, to this one accessory, it makes sense that you will want to look after your handbags and purses. Valuable luxury and designer bags in particular need, and deserve, special treatment and care.

We have extensive experience in brand name purse cleaning and purse repair. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel… these are not uncommon in our skilled hands. We also recognize that even the no-name brand bags have their special place in your heart, and closet. What’s more, we know that every handbag is unique and develops its own special characteristics and patina. We are committed to ensuring yours is returned to you clean and repaired, but with all that character still intact.

Purse and handbag cleaning
Purse and handbag cleaning

Our Purse/Handbag Cleaning Process

At Sun King, every single handbag you entrust us with – be it expensive, luxury, designer or box store – is carefully assessed and then cleaned and repaired by hand.

Before we begin cleaning your bag, we do a thorough evaluation of:

  • the materials used,
  • the best cleaning products for those materials,
  • any repairs that need doing, and any other issues we may see.

Hardware is checked for needed repairs and we will consult with you and quote you for any potential additional work on your purse before getting started.

We then proceed with our by-hand cleaning process:

  • After thorough spot and stain removal,
  • the entire item is cleansed and refinished.
  • If dyeing of hides is required, we will match the existing colour of the hide and then even out the colour of the item where needed.

Finally, your bag is returned to you, individually packaged for easy storage, using acid free paper and biodegradable poly bags.

Sun King Purse/Handbag Cleaning Services

At Sun King we offer our professional handbag cleaning, repair and restoration services for all purses and handbags, including specialty and designer items.

Our services include:

  • Stain and spot removal
  • Ink removal
  • Gum removal
  • Stain proofing
  • Odour elimination
  • Colour restoration
  • Hardware repairs (straps, detached embellishments, zipper problems etc)
  • Stitching repairs
  • Rip repairs
  • And more.

We can look after items including:

  • Sequined bags and purses
  • Beaded bags and purses
  • Leather bags and purses
  • Suede bags and purses
  • Satin bags and purses
  • Fabric bags and purses
  • Designer bags and purses: Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Guess, Burberry, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and more.

We can handle it all. Gently and with great care.

Purse and handbag cleaning in Toronto

Purse and handbag cleaning in Toronto ON

Organic Purse/Handbag Cleaning Products

At Sun King we use specifically formulated cleaning, repair and restoration products designed to produce the best results for the specialized leathers and fabrics used in purses. By entrusting us with your bags, you are allowing them the opportunity to keep looking their absolute best.

Moreover, we use only organic, non-toxic cleaning products to clean every single item you bring to us! This ensures that your handbags and purses retain their looks, form and function, without potential harm to you or your environment, for years to come.

Our Professional Cleaning service examples

Handbag cleaning - before
Handbag cleaning - after

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