Sofa covers, slipcovers for chairs and patio furnitures

    patio furniture cleaning in Toronto ON

Sofa covers, slipcovers for chairs and patio furniture’s

“You don’t just want to sit in a chair. You want to experience it!” Anthony T.Hincks, Author

Life happens. Kids, dogs, cats, happen. What’s more, they frequently ‘happen’ to your brand new, beautifully-covered sofa! (And, if we’re honest, sometimes even you happen – toddlers don’t have the exclusive rights to spills and mess.)

Coffee, ketchup, red wine. Muddy paw prints. Toddler-sized bright pink-paint handprints. Dog hairs. Grass stains. Sticky spots. Permanent marker… These are all stains and messes we’ve seen on our clients’ sofa covers and slipcovers. More importantly, though, these – and so much more – are all stains and messes we’ve cleaned, and completely removed from your favourite furniture items.

Your furniture should be for living in, not just looking at. Your favourite chair to curl up in with a book and a cup of tea, that couch that sucks you in at the end of a long-hard day… these shouldn’t be out of bounds because you’re scared of getting them dirty. Live in your furniture, experience it. Drink the red wine while half-prone on your perfectly squished armchair. Eat the melting chocolate stretched out on your cream-coloured velvety sofa bed. Cuddle the toddler covered top-to-toe in who knows what while gently cradling them in their favourite rocker. And let us worry about keeping all those items clean.

patio furniture cleaning in Toronto Ontarion
Covers and patio furniture in Toronto

Our Furniture Cleaning Process

To get a really deep, looks like new, clean on all your furniture covers, at Sun King we prefer to use our European Wet Cleaning process wherever and whenever possible.

However, if the care label on any item you entrust us to clean indicates ‘dry clean only’ we will, of course, use this process to ensure that your furniture covers are not damaged. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we will aim for the same deep clean achieved with our wet cleaning process. Our dry cleaning process is meticulous and has proven to be highly effective in processing and cleaning certain types of items which have been designated ‘dry clean only’.

Note: Our master dry cleaners are fully trained and certified under the Seneca College & Ministry of Ontario Environment (MOE) Environmental Dry Cleaning Management Course.

Sun King Furniture Cleaning Services

At Sun King we clean removable furniture coverings of all kinds, fabrics, sizes and states of cleanliness!

  • Sofa covers
  • Indoor slipcovers – armchairs, rockers, love seats, recliners etc
  • Cushion covers, big and small
  • Cushions, big and small
  • All patio furniture covers and other outdoor slipcovers
  • Pet friendly furniture coverings
Cushion Covers cleaning in Toronto ON
Covers and patio furniture

Organic Furniture Cleaning Products

At Sun King we use only organic cleaning products to clean every single item you bring to us!

We recognize that the products we use to clean your furniture and other items stay in your home, with the effects lasting long after your items have left our facility. Cleaning products play a major role in the air quality of your home and we are dedicated to maintaining a healthy atmosphere for your family.

Pick-Up & Delivery

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gently cleaned, de-linted & steamed by hand
carefully folded over tissue and then finished with a bow 

Our sweater care is the best in the city!

MONDAY thru FRIDAY:  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS:  10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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