Down Coats

“Get a really good coat that will last a couple of years and that you can’t wait to put on when the weather starts to turn.” Amber Le Bon, Model

Down filled coats and other specialty winter jackets don’t come cheap. What’s more, with our harsh Canadian winters, skimping on these items really is not an option. We need the good coats. The expensive coats. The Canada Goose, Moose Knuckles, Moncler etc. coats. We also need for them to last. When you’re spending that kind of money on your outerwear, you want it to have a long life!

In addition, we really do rely on our winter coats and jackets to keep the harsh elements of a Canadian winter out. But those same elements can wreak havoc on the very items designed to keep them at bay.

So between the cost and the cruel elements, proper treatment of your winter coats is crucial.

To ensure your down and other specialty winter coats and jackets keep doing their job, and keep doing their job for as many winters as possible, it is really important that you look after your coats properly. Which means letting us look after your coats properly.

We know how to treat the heroes of your winter wardrobe. Not only do we recommend getting your coats cleaned twice a season, we know exactly how to do it to ensure maximum longevity and optimal performance. By allowing us to regularly remove all the mess associated with a Canadian winter – salt, grime from dirty cars, sweat, snow-melt, mud and other dirt that has set in over the season – you are giving your coats, and your budget, the best opportunity to do well long-term.

Cleaned and treated properly, your down coat can last as long as a decade. By letting us take care of it, we can all but guarantee you’ll be tired of your winter coat long before your winter coat is tired of life!

Note: for high performance items like Canada Goose coats, we also know that your warranty is voided if the item is machine washed. So in some instances our service is non-negotiable!

Bring your down coat into one of our locations or, even better, allow us to both pick up and deliver right to your doorstep for yet one more layer of protection this winter.

Down Coats Cleaning

Sun King Down Coat Cleaning Process

At Sun King we are well aware of the important role your down coats and other specialty winter jackets play in your life, every single ice-cold day.

Once we have your coat in hand, we perform an initial assessment:

  • First, we check the manufacturers’ care label to assess which of our cleaning processes are recommended or mandated (i.e., wet or dry cleaning).
  • Every item is then evaluated and assessed for potential repairs needed (stitching, loose buttons, etc.), stain removal, and overall garment appearance.
  • We then match the best cleaning process to the coat materials.
  • Your item is then cleaned using either wet clean or dry clean, depending on the manufacturers’ care label and our assessment, to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • During the chosen cleaning process, bet it wet or dry clean, your coat is inspected meticulously at every stage of the process.
  • All our cleaning processes are non-toxic to keep your coat both looking and performing like new. This also ensures that the integrity of technical properties, like water resistance for example, is maintained.
  • Once cleaned, all your items are returned to you individually packaged in acid free paper and biodegradable poly bags. This allows for easy storage as all our bags are breathable and safe, and allow you to see what’s inside.

Our Down Coat Cleaning Services

At Sun King we clean all down coats and other specialty winter jackets to ensure they both look and work like new all winter long, for many, many winters to come.

We can take care of all your high-function, high-fashion down and winter coats including luxury brands like:

  • Canada Goose
  • Moose Knuckles
  • Moncler
  • Arc’teryx
  • Mackage
  • Kanuk
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Columbia
  • CMFR
  • And more.

If it’s a specialty down or winter coat, we can keep it looking, and performing like new, winter after winter.

Down FILL Coat Cleaning TORONTO ON

Organic Down Coat Cleaning Products

At Sun King we use only organic, non-toxic cleaning products to clean every single item you bring to us!

We recognize that the products we use to clean your items stay in your home, in your closet, on your body, with the effects lasting long after your items have left our facility. Cleaning products play a major role in the air quality of your home and we are dedicated to maintaining a healthy atmosphere for your family.

Pick-Up & Delivery

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Our sweater care is the best in the city!

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