Area Rug Cleaning Toronto

Area rug cleaning

“I always begin a room with the rug; it is literally the foundation of the space.” Lee Radziwill, Interior Decorator

There is only so much that vacuuming and spot cleaning can do. No matter how dedicated you are to keeping your rugs clean (some people go so far as to never even walk on their rugs, but we see little point to that – a home, and everything in it is for living!), at some point you’re going to want to get your area rugs professionally cleaned. When you do, Sun King Cleaners is the place for you.

Sun King Cleaners will get your rugs back to you looking as good as new!

Area Rug Cleaning Toronto
Area rug cleaning in Toronto ON

Sun King Rug Cleaning Process

At Sun King Cleaners, in order to ensure that we use a cleaning process that is best suited to your specific rug, we are professionally trained in several methods of cleaning. After careful evaluation of the yarns, colours, texture and stains on your floor coverings, our master cleaners will then choose from one of these cleaning techniques to bring your rug back to life:

  1. Shampoo bath system
  2. Steam cleaning
  3. Wet cleaning system

All of our cleaning processes and systems offer the latest in technique, technology and environmental best practices, all customized to suit your individual rug.

No matter which of our processes we choose as the best option to bring your rug back to technicolour life, you can rest assured that the dimensional integrity of your rug will remain intact. More than that, inch by meticulous inch, we will revive dull colours, remove stains and odours, and restore each rug to its original state of glory.

Our Rug Cleaning Services

Our rug cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Thorough stain removal and cleaning of area rugs and other floor coverings
  • Hand-knotted carpet cleaning
  • Specialty item cleaning: your Persian and Oriental rugs, antique rugs, cowhide and sheepskin rugs are all safe in our hands
  • We also clean heirloom wall hangings
Area rug cleaning Toronto ON
Area rug cleaning Toronto

Organic Rug Cleaning Products

At Sun King we use only organic cleaning products to clean every single item you bring to us!

We recognize that the products we use to clean your rugs and other items stay in your home, with the effects lasting long after your items have left our facility. Cleaning products play a major role in the air quality of your home and we are dedicated to maintaining a healthy atmosphere for your family.

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