FREE Pick-Up & Delivery

Discover the convenience of having your wardrobe delivered to your door by our bonded Valet Delivery Staff.  We will provide you with a delivery bag to submit your garments for pick-up and then return your garments with each package individually identified as yours.

Choose the mode that is most convenient for you:

Call In Service:

Speak to an Associate to arrange your Pick-Up or Delivery

Telephone: (416) 703-8885 extension #1

On-Line Order Form

Send us a request when you need service

Scheduled Service

Call an Associate to arranged days that we can come and see you

Telephone: (416) 703-8885 extension #1

Automatic Scheduled Service

Call an Associate to designate days where we can Pick-Up & Deliver your orders via your Concierge, Receptionist or a designated area at your residence

Telephone: (416) 703-8885 extension #1